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Watching the view several weeks ago, one of the brown haired women(I don't know their names) was talking about how Aiyles gave her a chance. She had been a teacher in a private school, a NOBODY, and he helped her. I have never written a letter to any commercialized company before, but I couldn't let this go. A nobody? And now she is a somebody? I have been a teacher for 35 years in a private school and pretty much have considered myself a...
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I didn't like
  • This slam against teachers
I cannot believe in this day and age that ABC would allow the racists comments of Whooping Goldberg 'about the white guy' and *** more problems between the races.She is ignorant and needs to be made to public ally apologize for her ignorant comments about Bernie Sanders and the 17 million supporters. Can you imagine if a white person said they did not care that the system was rigged against a black woman!!!!!!! Get real ABC and get off your ***...
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I didn't like
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