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I m outraged that you have dumped the Chew, one of the greatest shows on ABC that I, not a TV fanatic, looked forward to every day! It is an upper! Witty! Informative! Intelligent! Great recipes. And now you're planning to stretch out the yawn some and mindless AM New York. Give me a break! Or at least a program that does not insult my intelligence.

The Chew is an exceptional program that bursts with originality, good will, and interesting guests. I particularly like the variety and the speciality of each chef. Michael with the meat dishes. Karla with her hands-on South Cooking. Clinton with his crafts, Americana and delightful drinks and party ideas.

How could you shunt them aside????? The trio works so well together.

Please do bring them back.

Your current move distresses me, particularly since it underscores a sad, sad happening -- the dumbing down of America.

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You finally get rid of the two that were holding this show back and now you cancel??? I dreaded watching D.

Oz and Mr Orange shoes....they really hurt the that they are gone, I started watching it and really enjoyed these three. What a huge mistake, but hey......don't say I didn't warn you!


I hadn't heard. But if that's the show with the guy in the orange shoes cooking and that collection of losers from other cancelled shows, farewell.


I am really pissed about the Chew. You people are all nuts

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