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I don't understand why you would cancel The Chew over The View. The View should have been canceled years ago.

I find their opinions and slander against our President repulsive. I can't see how they can go on day after day with such unnecessary comments. I have found that I much rather have a light hearted TV show on like The Chew. Everyone is happy unlike The View where everyone sits and just comments on anything they can find to complain about.

I can't see why anyone would want their opinions on today's news anyhow, they are one sided and their opinions serve as no purpose to anyone.

I say leave The Chew on and cancel The View. Lets try to have happy, smiling people with something worthwhile to watch on your network.

Review about: American Broadcasting Company The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Please save the Chew! It is a wonderful show with the best hearted and entertaining people! Everyone I kbow watches the Chew


Save The Chew NOT The View!!!!


I can’t stand those old *** on The View. It needs to be canceled and should have been gone long ago.

They are hateful biased liberals and it’s beyond ridiculous what they get away with. No one watches that show anymore and seriously it needs to go!


I agree 1,000%. Why keep The View on when they bad mouth the president. I was raised to be a respect the president no matter who he is or what his party is.


One of the many reasons I don't watch ABC,CBS,NBC


I agree! The Chew is a much better show then The View!

Come on ABC Bosses!! Open your eyes!!

And listen to what thw people of this country REALLY WANT TO WATCH! #SAVETHECHEW !!

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