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On 1/ 10/19 your coverage of President Trump's meeting at southern border, along with most other stuff, was sick, almost made me puke. Trump had productive meetings with border patrol, law enforcement people, all of whom are asking for a wall or similar.

All you could come up with was Trump telling (which I doubt) out-of-work federal workers to get side jobs walking dogs! Then you drug up a mayor who doesn't want a wall. Not a word on the meetings with people on the "front lines" who desperately want better barrier at the border.

Then, not a word about Sec State Pompeo's visit and address in Cairo, Egypt.

This was a refreshing change from Obama's "apology tour" not long after he was elected.

ABC lies not only by what it says but also by what it chooses not to say. It is a matter of integrity, calling yourselves a "news" company when you are only a media wing of the Democrat Party.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Broadcasting Company World News Tonight Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Let's start calling ABC by it's 3rd place 1960's nickname : Almost Broadcasting Company.


ABC NEWS and David Muir are a disgrace to journalism.

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