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How do you have the nerve to cancel Rosanne , but leave the view on air? I do not agree and find it repulsive at what Rosanne said, but it is no worse then the view.

There is pictures of Whoopi Goldberg with a shirt on, showing President Trump shooting himself with the saying Make America great again. Joy Baher say Christians are all hypnotized and cult. You claim to be Americas family television, yet you cancel shows like Last man standing, Keven saves the word probably,Rosanne. What she said in a tweet, was her right to free speech and was on her personal acct.

What the View says is on YOUR PROGRAM, and you allow it.

I will never watch ABC,DISNEY,ABC FAMILY again, and I have taken my grandchildren to Disneyworld for the last time, until the view and Jimmy Kimmel are of the air. I encourage all Americans to do this, until ABC stops giving into the politicians and big bucks.

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They are a backstabbing two faced crowd at these TV stations. Yep if ppl boycott this sorry crowd it want be a day to soon !!!


Same for me!


yes and stop going to all those Marvel movies They were bought out by Disney

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