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The "view" is a bunch of angry, ugly hate-filled women. I think a couple are women anyway.

I never watch those losers but flipping through channels or reading about what they are saying makes me sick. I can't believe you promote this outrageous liberal hate. Walt Disney should be ashamed. This show and those nasty *** talkers should be flushed down the toilet where they belong.

I think it would be interesting if everyone knew that Walt Disney has a piece of that sour pie.

I just found out and it disturbs me greatly because I've loved what WD produces and promotes for a long time. I'm disappointed.


Product or Service Mentioned: American Broadcasting Company The View Tv Show.

Reason of review: the view must go.

I didn't like: View- hate filled.

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You fire Roseanne and keep the view ? Those women are worse than Roseanne...I can see it makes no difference to the network.




It promotes bigotry, sensationalism, exaggeration, taking things out of context, hypocritical, invalid assumptions, slander, narrowminded, disrespectful, intolerant, extremely biased and unsupported, elaborations, fictitious, hypercritical, fallacious, illogical and just plain stupidity. Behar just says sensationalistic biased unsupported irrational slanderous things JUST TO GET APPLAUSE! Goldberg won't let anyone talk that she disagrees with and either says switch the subject or go to commercial. She only sees things through a very narrow point of view to the point of slander or being unsupported and extreme irrational bias liberal with no evidence or proof to back up what she says.

Sunny Hustin attempts to use unproven statistics that someone she thinks says. There is no real intelligence to support all these undocumented horribly biased and extreme left wing liberal females. They start off each sentence or phrase or opinion with, "I THINK". Unfortunately, it's more like they don't think things through because they are so full of hate simply because they don't understand Trump or his policies.

They only go by the way he talks and not by what he's actually done and accomplished so far. The show is idiotic and geared for simplistic minds who can't think for themselves and the entire show is based on and out of fear of what they think might happen or what they don't understand. Hard to believe ABC can't see this or the insipidness of the waste of air time allowed. Maybe it's the combined hatred for this show that fuels it or allows it to stay on the air.

Whatever the reason, the show insults my intelligence and all these women do is reassure the public that they should keep silent because they really do not actually know what they are talking about. It's a visual scandal rag and has about as much truth as The National Enquirer.

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