American Broadcasting Company - The Weely Deals are a Rip-Off!

So tired of not getting what I order. Vendors tend to send what they feel like. Aslo, tired of Whoopi saying "free shipping". I have NEVER received free shipping on anything.
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This show should be called the Hate View or we hate president Trump show since that's all they ever talk about! They are totally obsessed with their hate and we the people who voted for Trump are totally sick and tired of their hateful comments! It's all so...
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American Broadcasting Company - Meghan McCain on the View

Meghan McCain is not intelligent enough to be on the view. Her points and comparisons are horrendous. She does not understand history nor current events. I will have to stop viewing the View
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The View has been watched by me for a very long time. Now,I believe that others on it are deferring to Meghan McCain too often. At this point I am labelling it as The Meghan McCain Show. I want the views of others on the program. If this continues I will no longer be...
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I don’t watch your show as it is completely disgusting! It is another way for leftist political views to be brainwashed into people that have no knowledge what is going on in this country. I’m sure this will be thrown into trash as it’s a nonviolent statement not one...
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The women on The View are not only obnoxious but also very poor representatives of the female gender. Barbara Walters gave this show class...I’m sure she’s appalled at what has happened to the show! Ask her! She more than likely won’t even acknowledge the show exists...
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I honestly cant believe this show is still on the air. I dont mind an opinion type show even if the opinion differs from mine. But this show is beyond that...a trash tv show featuring mean girls that are bullies. Im not sure why their opinions matter. It was actually a...
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How can whoopi be allowed to talk on tv, as she goes off about sexual predators and womens rights...and then neil patrick harris comes on and exposes her for the child predator she herself is. Soooo gross and unacceptable. If i was his mom id be so furious and...
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On the view sonny said most rapes happen alone more proof ford is a liar who.needs many hours of therapy thanks sonny for proving our case On the view sonny said most rapes happen with no aswitnesses thanks sonny for more. Proof ford didn't get attacfor proving ked at...
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